Before diving head first into re-assembling your wheels, it is a good idea to make sure that you have all of the neccessary tools handy. No one wants to be scrambling for a 10mm 12-point socket while their sealant is drying on their newly refinished BBS wheels. Most of the tools and materials we needed were purchased online and can easily be found on

Here is a list of the tools needed to re-assemble these wheels.

- Type II RTV silicone(platinum cure)...and a calk-gun for the kind packaged in tubes
- Thread adhesive (Loctite)
- Torque adjustable ratchet (with a 0.375in drive)...or a drive that corresponds to the one of your sockets
- A 6.00in socket extension...or one that corresponds to the depth of your lip
- 10mm-12point combination wrench
- JM-Assembly Sequence Diagram


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